24 Nov 2016

Engineering Technologies Jobs : Forestry Advisor

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Management and Engineering Technologies International, Inc. (METI), in collaboration with the US Forest Service, as a part of the US Agency for International Development’s bilateral programs in Uganda, seeks a full-time advisor to provide support to the National Forestry Authority of Uganda. The advisor will provide strategic guidance and management expertise to the mapping of Uganda’s Central Forest Reserves and other attendant issues within the National Forestry Authority. Background

With support from the Uganda mission of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the US Forest Service (USFS) recently conducted an expansive assessment of Uganda’s National Forestry Authority (NFA). The assessment largely focused on the ability of the NFA to meet its mandate of managing Uganda’s Central Forest Reserves (CFR), the country’s network of over 500 protected forests. Under this remit, the NFA is charged with promoting sustainable forest management, supplying forest and non-forest products and services, and building partnerships with other agencies from the Government of Uganda and other sectors in the management of the CFRs.

A key finding of this broad, high-level assessment was that the NFA would benefit from precise digital maps of its CFRs and, overall, improved information management. The assessment found that the NFA could better meet its mandate through a more streamlined and robust data “life cycle,” one defined by clear, strategic guidance on the prioritization, development, analysis, and management of data. The assessment and subsequent discussions with the NFA and other partners revealed that current data priorities include spatial data that delineate the boundaries of the CFRs. The absence of defensible CFR data is significant as, among other concerns, it hinders the NFA’s enforcement capacity and limits the extent and effectiveness of CFR monitoring over time.

While embedded at the NFA, the Advisor will work with colleagues from the NFA, the USFS, and other partner institutions on a daily basis to (1) compose a strategy for the mapping of the CFRs and improved information management, (2) facilitate the development of precise, thorough maps of a select number of CFRs, and (3) prioritize and implement components of that strategy based on time and resources available. In support of this effort, the advisor will work with the USFS to recruit and schedule the work of short-term technical advisors from the USFS who will contribute their skills and expertise alongside NFA counterparts. Requirements

 Advanced degree in forestry, conservation biology, ecology, geography, or related discipline and at least three years of relevant professional experience in natural resource management,

 Demonstrated leadership and management skills; capable of executing complex tasks with minimal supervision,

 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills,

 Familiarity with GIS applications and ability to communicate with and coordinate technical specialists,

 Experience working in developing countries, preferably within sub-Saharan Africa,

 Excellent writing and presentation skills,

 Willingness to work out-of-doors in potentially arduous conditions for prolonged periods of time and in areas with intermittent power supply and internet connectivity,

 English fluency required Duties

In collaboration with the USFS International Programs (IP) office in Washington, DC, the NFA Advisor will oversee the design and implementation of activities with the NFA, including the development and launch of a strategy for improved information management at the NFA, with special attention given to the mapping of the CFRs. All the while, the Advisor will recruit and manage short-term technical advisors from the USFS who will contribute their expertise to these initiatives over the tenure of the project.

The Advisor will report to the US Forest Service Africa & Middle East Region Program Coordinator and will plan, direct, and coordinate the logistical management of the initiative in Kampala. The Advisor will work with colleagues from the NFA and partner institutions (e.g., governmental and non-governmental institutions, local communities, and academia) on a continuous basis. The Advisor will ensure that USAID/Uganda is kept up-to-date on project progress and respond to requests for information in a thorough and timely manner. Responsibilities

Responsibilities Of The Advisor Include, But Are Not Limited To

 Provide strategic direction to colleagues from the NFA and partner institutions on the identification and prioritization of data needs (e.g., mapping of CFR boundaries),

 Provide reporting and program implementation information on a regular basis to USFS/IP Washington and USAID/Uganda,

 Finalize work plans and reports in a timely and thorough manner,

 Work with USFS/IP Washington in the recruitment and scheduling of USFS short-term technical advisors who will contribute skills and expertise to the initiative,

 Provide technical and logistical support to short-term USFS technical advisors on mission to Uganda,

 Collaborate with other relevant programs, as necessary, and associated development partners, NGOs, and other institutions Deliverables

  • Within the first two months, develop a strategy, in partnership with the NFA, that addresses the following:

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send a resume and letter of interest to the HR Department at METI to [email protected] with Uganda NFA Advisor in the subject line; fax: 915-772-2253. METI is an Equal Opportunity Employer: M/F/V/D www.meticorp.com

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